Nurse Aide 2 (CNA 2) Competency

Competency assessment requirements do not include assessment of the didactic portion of the course; however, all of the NA II Skills identified on the NA II Task List must be assessed and successfully completed for the NA II to be determined competent in the required skills. This assessment will take place in the skills lab.

Competency Assessment does not require that the program provide any study guide or remediation. If study guides or remediation are offered, the must be offered in a consistent manner to all persons who apply for competency assessment.

If an applicant is unable to successfully complete the competency assessment, completion of an entire CNA II course is required.


Nurse Aide 2 (CNA 2) Competency Course Details

Course TypeCourse LengthCourse Time
Day 2-3 days call school for scheduling


Course Costs

TutionBook(s)RegistrationTotal Cost
$200$0$25 $225
Additional Fees: NC License Registration: $24
* Registration fee is non-refundable. Prices & Course Schedules are subject to change.




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